Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid in Affiliate Marketing

Why are there more people failing in affiliate marketing than succeeding in them? The answer lies in these people making too many common mistakes. Mistakes that can be avoided.

1. Choosing a Wrong Niche

One of the top mistakes made by new affiliate marketers is insufficient research on which niche market to target or they simply don’t know what targeting a niche really means.

Keyword research is good but may be incomplete, as although it tells you information about the market and how it breaks down to niches, it still does not paint a full picture. One good way is to read up top selling books and magazines targeted to your intended niche to understand who these customers are and what solutions they are searching for.

2. No Subscribers List

As they say ‘the money is in the list’ so building a list is an essential part of any affiliate marketing campaign. Do ensure that you have a lead capture system like a landing page that provides a free eBook or anything that will benefit your visitors. To build this list effectively, you will also need an auto-responder to manage these contacts automatically.

While building a list is very important, it takes a long time to grow your subscribers list. Many a times, marketers who find such efforts too time consuming will just give up either having a list or the business entirely. The successful marketer who believes the power of a list will never quit and continue to build it.

3. Not Generating Enough Traffic

Another common mistake new affiliate marketers make is not doing enough to generate traffic. It’s not enough to put up a few banners or affiliate links or write a few articles. Remember that getting organic search engine will ultimately generate lots of free targeted traffic to your website.

You also need to follow a daily marketing plan and follow it consistently including PPC marketing campaigns, link building, blogging article submission, press release just to name a few.