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6 Ways To Be Your Own Legal Marketing Coach

While it’s always beneficial to have an outside opinion, not everyone has the budget or inclination to hire a CMO or marketing coach. And let’s be honest-even the most expensive coach can’t force attorneys to put their ideas into practice. By pulling from a coach’s overall strategy and adapting the ideas to your own daily marketing initiatives, you can propel yourself forward…on your own. Here are my best tips for being your own marketing and business development coach.

1. Be accountable to SOMEONE.
One of the greatest benefits of a coach is that you are always accountable to them. Identify someone (Spouse? Partner? Paralegal? Assistant? Colleague?) to keep you on track and ask them to check in and remind you to work on marketing and business development. If you’re not comfortable asking for help, set time in your (Outlook?) calendar and send yourself reminders. Even better? Enlist a partner in your marketing and business development journey and keep each other honest on what you’ve been doing to further the cause.

2. Get organized.
I present all my clients with a marketing binder at our second meeting. It contains a first draft of their marketing plan, articles that I think will help them with their efforts, and worksheets to keep track of their successes and challenges. While your binder doesn’t have to be as elaborate, it’s smart to have one place to collect all your ideas and plans. Print out relevant blog posts and articles, keep contact info for potential collaborators, list ideas for speeches or seminars and keep a list of referral sources.

3. Have a plan.
Though it may not be a formal marketing plan, you should, at the very least, sit down and brainstorm your marketing and business development goals. Then formulate a specific course of action (ie. Write one article a week; start a blog; set up 3 speaking engagements…) for reaching those goals. Keep in mind that the goals don’t have to be finance-related. Connecting with 5 old clients can be a fantastic goal if most of your business comes from referrals, while writing a book (or e-book) can help you build credibility within your practice area.

4. Send yourself inspiration.
I’m always passing on information to my clients that I think is relevant to their marketing goals. You can do the same. Sign up for tips and emails on marketing blogs (they don’t have to be law-related) and funnel them into a specific folder for you to peruse when you have the time to concentrate. Set aside an hour on the weekends, at night or early in the morning once or twice a week to clean out the folder and keep the tips or advice that you think you can apply.

5. Remove yourself.
I know it’s easier said than done, but try to be somewhat objective when evaluating your progress and initiatives. Step back and look in from outside. Read your articles or blog posts, look at your marketing materials and view presentations from the point of view of clients, potential clients, colleagues and referral sources. By putting yourself in their shoes you’ll speak more directly and create more powerful materials.

6. Make marketing a priority.
Marketing coaches help clients by steering their focus towards business development. Do the same for yourself. Just as I mentioned above, set aside time (as you would if you had a formal coach) to strategize and work on your plan of action. The only way to achieve results is to be dedicated and committed to the process.

No one can make you a successful marketer-except you. By adapting some of the strategies of marketing professionals, it becomes simply a matter of time and focus to help you reach your goals. Stay on track, stick to the plan and constantly refresh your thinking and research with new ideas and advice. As hard as it may sound you CAN be your own coach!

Develop a Marketing Plan

Separate Yourself With Unique Network Marketing Techniques

Everyone is advertising on social media and through text messages about their new endeavors. Many people today have picked up a network marketing job. This means that the competition is fierce. What you have to do is separate the way you market from everyone else so that you can be viewed as more credible. If you do not figure out how to present yourself as better than your competition then you might set yourself up for failure.

Blogs are not utilized enough by network marketers. Create a blog based around the products you are promoting. Give something people can read to draw their interest. People that may want to purchase your product, but do not have financial means to do so will take an interest in your blog. When they feel the time is right, they should head your way for advice. Blogging can also help you establish credibility because you will write about the products you are marketing. Random followers from the Internet may even stumble upon your blog and give it a read.

Establish a regular group of people to help showcase your products. If you are promoting kitchen cutlery then consider creating a web series to showcase the products. Show the power of the knives you have for sale and how good they cut. Inform your audience of the features available from each item. People promoting nutrition products for fitness should consider holding exercise classes. Create a workout schedule for people to follow and invite them to your home to workout. Consider hosting a weekly jog session where people can get some exercise mixed in with the nutrition products you are promoting.

Figure out a way to give people a reason to commit to your products. Just make sure you refer to the rules and regulations in your paperwork before proceeding with these types of efforts. Do not break any rules by posting videos online or placing an ad in a local newspaper to join you in fitness exercises. Show people on social media how much fun you and your customers are having with your products. Make all of the pictures you post interesting and appealing. This will make people think twice before overlooking any of your posts.

It has always been easier to sell a product when you make it look essential or rewarding to purchase. Figure out what type of marketing works best. Marketing is your number one solution to reach your goals. Ask people what they like best about your marketing efforts and how you can improve. Brainstorm new strategies to implement into your daily marketing routine and see which pays off.

Note that the first few weeks or even months of your network marketing efforts may start slow. Do not let a slow start discourage you. Remain dedicated to marketing and with a consistent effort your goals will be achieved. The reason why most people do not succeed when it comes to network marketing is because they do not commit. Separate yourself with these marketing strategies and you will set yourself up for success.