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Getting Into A Perfect Rhythm – How To Maximize Network Marketing Times

Network marketing cane be a very daunting experience. The combination of trying to build up your network and to cultivate your network can be a stressful combination. You have to do a reasonably good job on both of these so that your business won’t fail. The key to it all is the time to you put into it. Like the old saying goes, time is money and it has never been more true when it comes to network marketing. Here are a few tips so that you can get the most out of your time.

1) Set aside a specific set of time for your marketing

One of the key things in making sure you’ve got time for your marketing duties. You can’t just suddenly turn on a switch and say you’re network marketing. It’s like a job you have from nine to five; a regular schedule will help you get into a rhythm and makes it into a habit. Making your marketing an ingrained habit makes it easier for you to go into the marketing mindset and helps you become more comfortable with the idea of selling your stuff. Another thing to remember is that you don’t just pop in thirty minutes and call it a day. No, this business takes dedication and a large time investment. You can’t expect to sell anything or have a meaningful conversation in that little a time. Give your daily network marketing time minimum of two to three hours. This gives you enough time to do several things and expect to get them done.

2) Plan ahead

Now that you’ve got a daily marketing time, you’ve got to make the most out of it by making a schedule of what you’re going to use it for. Spreading your network by making contacts and generating leads is one of the best uses of your time so that should be your focus. You can also cultivate your current network by offering them more products or inquiring if there is any need for current products.

3) Use network marketing tools properly

Network marketing tools can help save a lot of time that would best be spent in developing your network. Actually, some of these tools can help build your network. A website where interested parties can go to see your pitch can attract customers and potential leads while you’re not even working on it E-mail letters and brochures also provide simple ways of automated lead generation. The time you spend answering inquiries is a better way to spend time than calling up people and arranging meetings, this is because the interest is already there and the potential for a sale or an additional line in your network is greater than with those that you just contact randomly. This helps you get a better use out of your network marketing time.

These three tips should start you off on how to use your network marketing times properly. There are a dozen ways to make the best use of your time, just use a little ingenuity and you’ll find them out yourself.

Want to maximize your time network marketing?

Keep Your Marketing Focus On

Stay Laser Focused – Increase Productivity

So how do you keep your marketing focus on?

How do you avoid distractions or ignore all the little interuptions to stay laser focused and improve your productivity and therefore your bottom line?

Believe it or not, those are very important questions. Don’t think so? Well let me ask you a couple more questions then.

How many emails do you get every day that promise you that they have the best way to get traffic, leads, more reps…all the things you’re looking for right…an easier way to build your business and make money faster? How many of those do you open?

And of those you open, how many videos do you watch…sales letters do you read…webinars do you attend?

How many times a day to you check your facebook, and not for marketing purposes either? I could go on and on and on, but you get the point I’m trying to make. You need to remind yourself to keep yourmarketing focus on all of the time you have allotted to marketing.

So how do you avoid all of these distractions and stay laser focused?


Clean out your email subscriptions. If it’s not beneficial to what you’re working on right now, you have two options. Opt out, or set a filter on it to channel all emails into a folder upon arrival until you have some ‘extra’ time to get into them. If there aren’t 30 emails in your inbox every day with a headline promising you the greatest traffic program in the world, you won’t be tempted to be distracted.
Another great way to avoid distractions and keep your marketing focus on is to

work from a daily marketing plan with your main money-making priority actions on it.

Yeah, I know…you’ve heard all about having an online marketing plan and working from that daily list of money-making tasks…BUT ARE YOU DOING IT? If you’re not, how’s that working out for you?

Look, you need to find a marketing system with a marketing plan that works…preferably one referred to you by someone you trust, stay laser focused and follow that system’s plan of action…all of it…for at least 3 months before you even consider looking at something else.

In other words, you seriously need to get your marketing focus on!

Hey, we can tell you from experience that there is ALWAYS something bigger and better coming down the pike. The gurus are making a killing on all of these product and service launches…and all at YOUR EXPENSE!

You keep grabbing the newest, coolest marketing tool or program, and you’re lucky if you actually get all the way through the training before some other cool new internet tool has caught your attention, and then you’re off and running again.

So tell me, what have all of these amazing tools and programs and systems gotten you so far? I’ll tell you what…broke and frustrated! Am I right? Dang right I’m right, or else you wouldn’t be reading this post!!!!

Well hopefully you also gained some new knowledge and experience in lead generation and sponsoring, and maybe even made a couple of bucks. But if you want the big success and the big money and lifestyle that go with it, then you have got to dig your heals in, turn your marketing focus on high power, and keep your EYES ON THE PRIZE!

If you’re not anywhere near a 6-figure income, or even a 5-figure income, than you know exactly what I’m talking about. Shoot, I have to remind myself to keep my marketing focus on when I’m tempted to watch somebody’s cool video or check at their new gadget or program.

Look, there is a time for webinars, training videos, reports and boot camps, and that’s the time you have scheduled for your education and training. And if you don’t have those things scheduled in your online home business work day, then you better add it to the list.

Okay, time to wrap up this almost-rant with a pretty little bow and get on with my to-do list. You know what to do…find a great marketing program with an effective marketing plan, get your marketing focus on, and get’r done!

Understanding The Meaning Of Internet Marketing

Do you know what “internet marketing” is? It’s simply a method of promoting your products and services effectively on the internet. Many online business owners struggle in their business because they don’t have an internet marketing plan to follow. Because of this, a lot of people go out of business and exit the online marketing arena altogether.

Luckily for you, you should know that there are plenty of ways to market your products and services on the internet. And some of the best strategies that you can use won’t cost you a dime. This is the benefit of internet marketing, and it’s why I think a lot of online business owners can stay in business – instead of exiting this game altogether.

More than likely if you’re new to marketing on the internet, you will start off with pay per click advertising. This is the fastest way to get tons of traffic to your website, and hopefully to close sales. But pay per click can be addictive, so it’s in your interest to make it work for you. Lots of testing will be required, but once you’ve mastered it and are making a profit or at least breaking even… you can lay rest assured that you will probably have a successful online business.

A great way to learn more about internet marketing is by doing your research via Google, or by reading articles and hanging out in forums. There are a ton of internet marketing forums on the web – you just have to know which one to join to learn about internet marketing, and to get traffic back to your website.

Some of these forums allow you to promote your website via your “signature”. Your signature is simply the area underneath your posts where you can advertise something for free. Forums that don’t allow you to have a signature and leave your website information there should be avoided. Only use the forums that allow for advertising in your signature.

Hopefully the concept of internet marketing should be clear in your mind right now. Start networking with other online business owners on the internet, and you will learn a lot of things right away. Like I said go to a forum an soak up all of the information on the forum that you can find. More than likely you’ll find the perfect solution to the marketing problem that you have been having in your business.

And along with marketing your online business, you should consider offline methods of marketing also. See if you can use postcards, direct mail, newspapers, or even classified ads to bring people to your website. Leads that you acquire offline are more valuable than leads that you acquire over the internet. And when I say “valuable”, I mean that they are more willing to buy from you than someone who strictly finds your site online.

When marketing your business, you will want to make sure that you’re spending your time effectively, instead of wondering and visiting other peoples’ website, trying to determine how their making money and how much traffic they’re getting. Stick with a daily marketing routine, and you will be good to go.

Good luck with marketing your internet business today.